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About us..

vibeke med sheltien Pam

My name is Vibeke Sheena Midlander, and I have had shelties since 1999. I bought my first sheltie from Birgit Knudsen Kennel Danbret and the Kennelmark "KSASSI" followed in 2004 when I took my breeder training at DKK. 
I don't have puppies very often as I exhibit more than I breed, so it's usually when I need a new friend for myself <3. Otherwise I go for walks with them and play with them quite a bit and go to Sheltie meetings around where they can be allowed to just be "dogs".
We currently have 5 dogs
I am married to my husband Bjarne, who became part of the "dog family" in 2009. He came with 5 children, I brought, at the time, 7 dogs...we made it go up into a higher unity ;- ). He has participated in exhibitions abroad but now mostly likes to just sit and relax and enjoy himself with them.
Then there is Ole Koughstrup Hansen who is also part of this here as I met him back in 2000 at Viborg Merchentech on our training. He became my best companion and has been a big part of the dogs' lives also when we go on trips with and without a dog. He is also part of the feed company. 

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