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WINNER PLUS Puppy Junior holistic is a gluten-free formulated nutritious, natural and complete feed, ideal for sensitive puppies with high nutritional requirements in all phases of their growth and suitable for young dogs with sensitive intestinal needs. Thanks to its special composition, this feed is also suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches. Prepared with prime salmon and prime fresh duck meat, properly balanced, making it a highly digestible feed. The fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 provide healthy skin and a shiny coat. Ensures the absorption of natural vitamins that support the immune system, providing active cell protection against free radicals. Made without wheat & classic grains, soy, corn, eggs, dairy products, chemical dyes, flavorings and grains that contain gluten.

Available formats:  2 kg; 12 kg

Winner Plus Puppy Junior

SKU: 21554345656
PriceFrom kr125.00
VAT Included
  • Composition: Duck 25% (of which 14% fresh duck meat); rice; dried salmon (15%); animal fat; pea protein; dried potatoes; potato starch; dried sugar beet pulp (desugared); beer yeast; dried carob pods; salmon oil; linseed oil; inulin (source of natural fructo-oligosaccharides); herbs (marigold, fennel, chamomile, peppermint, parsley, fenugreek seed, chicory root, licorice root, carob); red fruits (rosehip, raspberry, blueberry, Aronia, apple); glucosamine.

    Analytical components: crude protein 29%; fat content 18%; crude fiber 2.30%; raw ash 6.90%; calcium 1.60%; phosphorus 1.10%; selenium 0.50 mg/kg; Omega 3 (0.72%); Omega 6 (3.56%).

    Additives per kg. Nutritional additives: vitamin A 24,000 I.U. vitamin D3 1,800 I.U. vitamin E 220 I.U. vitamin B1 15 mg vitamin B2 20 mg vitamin B6 20 mg vitamin B12 210 mcg; Vitamin C 100 mg Choline Chloride 675 mg; pantothenic acid 50 mg niacin 50 mg; folic acid 7 mg; taurine 1,000 mg; biotin 1,000 mcg; copper (cupric(II) sulfate pentahydrate) 5 mg; zinc (zinc sulfate, monohydrate) 65 mg; iron (iron (II) sulfate, monohydrate) 50 mg; manganese (manganous (II) oxide) 35 mg; iodine (calcium idate, anhydrous) 1.50 mg; L-carnitine 300 mg.

    Technological additives: lecithin 5,000 mg; antioxidants (vitamin E: tocopherol extracts of natural origin).

    Metabolic energy: 3931 kcal/kg

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